The UK’s First Sustainable Menswear Boutique Launches

Cock & Bull, the UK’s first ever dedicated sustainable menswear boutique will officially open its doors on September 12 2013…

The UK's First Sustainable Menswear Boutique Launches

East London will play host to the UK’s first ever sustainable menswear store which will offer customers a selection of lines which are all sustainable, but what does that really mean?

Cock & Bull & Co define sustainable fashion as clothing and accessories that maximise the positive impact on the people involved in making them, and minimise negative environmental impact. It’s style that doesn’t cost the earth. In addition to the consideration of the human beings involved in fashion production, Cock & Bull & Co also takes a vegan stance, ensuring that no animals are harmed in the making of the accessories it sells.

The Cock & Bull & Co boutique intends to drive the sustainable menswear revolution by giving style-conscious men more opportunities to make principled choices.  Perfectly positioned on East London’s fashionable Cheshire Street, the shop’s vision is two-fold; to become a hub of great items of clothing and accessories and be the go-to place to exchange ethical information and ideas that will inspire men to shop ‘better’.

So which brands can you expect to see on the shop floor? The boutique stocks in-house brand Cock and Bull Menswear alongside other leading sustainable brands including Elvis & Kresse, Minga Berlin, Reborn London, Proof Eyewear, Komodo and Pachacuti.

Founder Phil Scott says:

”As a consumer, I was frustrated by the poor design of sustainable menswear. Many boutiques are primarily for women, with menswear ‘tagged on’ as an afterthought. Cock & Bull & Co was developed as a place to offer men options, to bring together design-led pieces produced with both ethics and aesthetics in mind.”


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