Dr Martens Ask Students For Styling Tips

Iconic brand Dr Martens asked fashion students at the University for the Creative Arts (UCA) at Rochester to style and photograph their latest collection…

First year BA (Hons) Fashion Promotion students were entrusted with Dr Martens’ Autumn/Winter collection and given the brief to find the most original, outrageous or unique ways to wear a British classic that is famed for its individuality.

The best images were uploaded for the world to see via the Dr Martens Facebook page and there will be an exhibition of the students’ work in UCA Rochester’s Zandra Rhodes Gallery from 14-25 January 2013.

UCA Fashion Promotion lecturer, Johannes Reponen, said:

“This was a fantastic opportunity for our first year students to test their skills in styling and teamwork in a live industry project with a major British brand. Not many fashion courses in the country can boast that kind of experience in their first semester.”

Students had to do all the work, source their own models, formulate their own styling concepts and then execute them on location and in the photo studio. Dr Martens provided the students with a selection of men’s and women’s boots, as well as a range of clothing and students got just 15 minutes to photograph their looks in the studio and 15minutes on-location to create bold and exciting ways to wear the boots.

Johannes added:

“Collaborating with a big, global brand like Dr Martens is really important for our students in terms of experience and employability. It will not only evoke the unique feeling of working for the industry but students can activate all the skills they have learned during the course so far and see how they can apply it to a brief set by an external brand.

It will also, of course, enable our students to put a major company project onto their CV, which will hopefully improve their chances of securing a work placement or job after university.”

The UCA shoot has been well received by Dr Martens fans on Facebook who have received more than 2,000 ‘likes’ on several photos.

You can view the Dr Martens Facebook album via this link: http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.404462772958800.95548.110998592305221&type=1



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